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A tall, bushy annual to 2.5m, with very finely divided, mid-green leaves, and large flowers to 8cm across, usually white or pink the wide outer rays surround a central disc of tightly clustered, usually yellow, inner disc florets. A perfect addition to any bouquet!


We offer the following varieties:


Apricotta - In adorable shades of apricot, peach with a soft rose centre

Xanthos - A pale primrose-yellow cosmos, lovely in a vase

Cupcakes Blush - Pale Pink flowers with fused petals and yellow stamens

Cupcakes White - With pure White flowers

Versailles Palace - A unique blend of colours

Snow Puff - Superb and fully double with pompom like snow white flowers

Rose Bicolour - Every flower is unique with colours ranging from almost pure white, blushing pink, rose and pink edged picotee


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