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This collection shows examples of our flowers, foliage, items and work through the seasons. It is a small selection of what we may have on offer. Please visit our shop if you wish to see an up to date catalogue of what we have for sale in real time.


After the darkness of winter, March heralds a change in pace on our farms. Seed sowing starts and the bulb and corm crops we've been protecting over the dark months start to show promise.

Our season for fresh flowers does not tie in with Valentines and more often than not leaves us waiting and nail biting for mothers day!

 Our dried flowers and foliage come into their own and offer a long lasting alternative. Valentines, Mothers day and Easter in fresh vibrant colours colours that last year round. 

The good news is that it means spring continues long into early summer for some of us due to our location, aspect and soil and therefore gives you more choice of fresh flowers long after the bulk market crops have gone.


From June our flower selection changes as the spring flowers give way to summer blooms. Our Summer roughly sits in 2 categories although this very much gets dictated by the weather. Choice will abound and texture, light, foliage and filler give every creator and floral artist a choice above no other for individuality and flexibility. 

Early  - May/June
July Mix_edited.jpg
Mid - July/August

Mid Summer heralds the return of the Dhalia. 

Roses fade behind but Cosmos, Lavatera, Cornflower, Sunflower and all inbetween give us their show. Foliage changes from fresh greens to deeper green hues and grasses start to take stage. 

Autumn - 


Late summer heralds the fiery wonders, fluffy seed heads and berry hues. Chrysanthemum come into their own, Dhalia are in full swing. Asters and Rudbeckia, Zinnia and grasses are all showing their best. Along with all the fresh flowers, our dried range is becoming fully stocked ready for the change into winter.