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What is the Devon Flower Co-operative?

The Devon Flower Cooperative started in the spring of 2022 with a series of conversations lead by Naomi Persey and her fellow flower growers Aizel Finch and Amelia Cooper-Smith about how best to serve the needs of growers through marketing and distribution of their products to the local wholesale market. 

The Devon Flower Cooperative is a member-based cooperative of local flower growers in Devon. Members of the cooperative sell wholesale and retail flowers, foliage, succulents and other ornamental plants to florists, floral designers, and wholesale distributors and individuals who want access to fresh, high quality local products at competitive prices.

Why do I need a Membership

The Devon Flower Cooperative runs solely on the time and energy of its members. This way we are able to keep our flower prices as low as we can and enable the cooperative to run in a fair way. There is no middleman - the price you pay goes directly to the grower of that item. Your members fee helps us to cover the obvious overheads that occur in running such an enterprise  -  utilities, sundries and necessary marketing etc. It's a win - win, You only pay for what you need to and our farmers get a living wage for their crops.

Our Mission

To provide the highest-quality and most diverse offering of Devon grown cut and dried flowers as well as foliages with the convenience of an online marketplace.

We aim to grow the market for locally-grown flowers and foliages and facilitate relationships and education between farmers, florists, and the end users.

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